There are several great assumptions in our modern society. One is that you 'really' know yourself. This is what is behind so much dissatisfaction, grumbling and complaining in our society that you and I know what we want.

match.com, at the time one of the leading dating websites, hired a new Chief of Algorithms because they had a significant problem. They wanted to figure out why after getting people to fill out extensive surveys and forms on themselves and their ideal matches, things like education, height, weight, religion, values, hair colour etc. And yet despite all of this people rarely made it out past the first date. Why? Why, was their algorithm not working?

The new Chief of Algorithms after digging into the data found….’there was absolutely no correlation between what people thought they wanted with who they would actually date.' I find this with half of my friends, the people they described they wanted to marry when we were younger, is nothing like who they ended up marrying.

We think we know ourselves. We know what we want. Nobody knows you better than you know yourself. All of these simply are not true. It is not farfetched to imagine a God, who perhaps knows what I really want or what is best despite my feeling or thinking the complete opposite. The question is, will I surrender and trust? Or will I, like my 2-and-a-half-year-old, insist that ice cream is really a breakfast food?

Jamie Mackenzie

Assistant Minister

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