Taking time to pause and assess sustainable growth is vital for every church. The Wardens and Parish Council have been looking at our financial situation since January this year. It is now time to press pause and reassess where we are. It is time to refocus on sustainable growth.

As a church its important for us to gather and assess our current situation and plan for the future, keeping Jesus Central to our church. Our wardens, Jim Bailey; Nikki Sullivan and Simon Webb, will be making a presentation setting out the information and what decisions we need to make. Please consider attending one of the following meetings as we decide our future together.

Meeting times:

Sunday 3rd November - 9:30am - St Luke’s, Brownsville

Sunday 3rd November - 10:45am - St Aidan’s, Mt Brown

Sunday 3rd November - 12:00pm - Ministry Centre

Sunday 3rd November - 8:15pm - Ministry Centre

Tuesday 5th November - 7:30pm - Ministry Centre

Hopefully one of these meeting times will suit you. See you there.

Bishop Peter Tasker

Acting Rector

Download this week's Bulletin here


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