The Rhythm of Grace

Family is great, but family can be hard. Especially in this season. In the pressure cooker that is lockdown. Emotions run high. For some this season has been a beautiful change of pace, working more from home, seeing more of the family, more time with your kids, with your spouse. For others it has been hard, to say the least, regular fights, with kids or partners – China’s divorce rates increased massively following their lockdowns, days where if everyone is alive come bedtime and you still have some hair on your head – that’s a win.

In this season I am reminded of what a mentor and teacher of mine said once.

‘From the beginning, the Lord has chosen to work with us and through us in the context of families.’

By that he meant families of all shapes and sizes, from couples just married, to those with kids or grandparents, or to those whose family doesn’t live within the same walls.

There is something about families, it seems, that suits his purposes. I’m beginning to realise that this something is the same thing that brings me frustration, provokes my anger, challenges my patience, fuels my resentment, arouses my sympathy, stretches my imagination, questions my contribution, undermines my willingness. I’m beginning to appreciate that it is living on top of one another that, by grace, develops my commitment to love and my capacity to serve, by exposing my need to find myself in Christ.'

Living on top of one another, by grace, both shapes me in the likeness of Jesus and confronts my need to find myself in Him. May we do so more and more as we continue to walk in this season.

Jamie Mackenzie

Assistant Minister


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