Surviving lockdown

I don’t know about you, but I feel that I am suffering from pandemic fatigue. The news of another four weeks of lockdown was a hard pill to swallow. I will move away from my regular social commentary, to provide a few practical tips on how to survive lockdown, for those of you that are struggling.

  1. Get outside every day and get some fresh air, sunshine, and vitamin D.

  2. Exercise. Walk, run, garden, whatever, but exercise is a great anti-depressant.

  3. Set a small goal, then achieve it. Having a sense of purpose about every day.

  4. Keep routines. Eat meals at the table. Get up and go to bed on time. Have devotions at the same time. Limit your vices (x-box, online shopping, internet surfing).

  5. Connect with at least one person each day. Phone, zoom, social media – any medium.

  6. Have something to look forward to. Maybe buy a special dessert, or drink and nibbles once per week, or a date night, or games night.

  7. Get creative. Cook something exotic from scratch once per week. Get out an unfinished sewing project, cross-stitch or crochet. Buy a paint by numbers artwork, or an adult colouring-in book.

  8. Use the internet to connect. Play JackBox TV, or an online scrabble or chess game you can play with friends.

  9. If you work from home, get dressed, walk around the block before you start work, and at the end of the day before you clock off.

  10. Be easy on yourself, and others. It’s normal to feel low on energy at the moment.


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