Staying Connected

Many of you have emailed us to let us know how much you enjoyed about attending both the Good Friday service and the Easter Sunday last weekend. We loved seeing your photos of the communion you had prepared in your loungerooms.

“One Catholic lady in our village is suffering because her husband has been transferred into a care situation, and she has been encouraged by a DVD of our online service also.  She spends the first part of each day in prayer, and the DVD has been an added blessing for her.  At least three of our DAC people living here in the village use ‘dongles’ for their internet connection and they have had all sorts of problems receiving the online service, so they also have signed up for DVDs.”

It’s been amazing to see and hear of the creative ways you are staying connected and caring for each other during this time of physical distancing and self-isolation. From board games online to deliveries of homemade floral arrangements Dapto Anglican has some very innovative people!

As we enter our new phase of ministry with the transition of leadership this weekend, I’d like to encourage you to contact me if you have care needs or are concerned about someone in your networks.

You can contact me via or call the office 4261 1001 for a callback.

Linda Thomson – Care Coordinator 

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