While we have noted many recurring biblical themes in this series, we have not mentioned close to all. One we have not noticed is the place of music in Christianity. Singing and music are ways to praise God in both Testaments. In Revelation 5 the entire company of heaven joins in song.

Sadly, corporate singing is restricted for covid reasons at the moment. Many people comment how they miss the joy of live communal worship. I agree. How well music translates to online is a matter of diverse opinions. Some feel awkward sitting and watching others. Some see online music as performance-like and showy. Some think all music (including online) is core to Christian worship, they sing along, and we should have more of it.

The staff and I have decided to limit online music to one or two songs per service. We have taken this decision for several reasons. It’s hard to produce online music well. The medium of watching on a screen positions watchers as critical audiences. It creates high demands on our tech guys, who are already very very busy. There is a range of responses to lots of music. Others do online music better than we can. Music from the likes of Hillsong is readily available. If we incorporate (for example) Hillsong’s content in our online service we break copyright, and our stream is shut down. Where possible we are trying to incorporate music content produced by DAC or our partners in ministry.

Rightly or otherwise, we have taken the view that DAC services major on two themes. We want to create an experience where you see and hear from DAC members and staff. You get to see that our church is alive and kicking, even if you can’t come on a Sunday. Second, we major on teaching our people, from our sermon series, which speaks to the life stage and season of our church.

If you are someone who would like more music in your Sunday experience, I am sorry we cannot accommodate everyone’s preferences. Can I suggest you start watching Church 10 minutes earlier, and watch some worship on youtube performed by other churches?

Rev David Rietveld

Senior Minister

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