Did you catch the 747 making its last flight over Wollongong on Wednesday of this week? It’s another example of the end of one season, and the beginning of another. The 747 has been replaced with the A-380 – which seats more people, is lighter, and more fuel-efficient.

What is becoming increasingly clear is that pre-covid life has been replaced by a new season – more permanent levels of restrictions. And these restrictions appear to be here for months to come. Even if the Oxford vaccine passes the testing phase, widespread doses will not be available until next year. And that is a big ‘if’.

Two verses from Ecclesiastes are apt. Eccl 12:2 talks of clouds returning after the rains. We can cope with rains if they are followed by sunlight. But to have despair follow gloom is depressing. And yet we are called to cast our bread, plant our seeds, and invest in seven ventures. It appears that now is a season for making the best we can within the limitations we face. Not waiting for the restrictions to pass, and things to get back to ‘normal’.

This being the case, I have decided that it’s time we as a church more fully entered into this season. For God has called us to be the church for this time and place. This involves the church caring and supporting one another as we endure these present challenges. But more, it involves us being a people of hope and life despite our circumstances. And giving reasons for our hope to those that ask.

Our next series – 'The Divine Drama’ – is about reminding ourselves how God’s people have always been a light to the nations. How then, will we express this high calling, in this time and place?

Rev David Rietveld

Senior Minister

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