Not Abandoned

War in Ukraine. Devastating floods. Years of a global pandemic.

It ought not to be surprised if we find ourselves in a place of fragility. Of weary hearts and exhausted minds. In many ways, words on a page cannot come close to grasping the depth of pain and sorrow that many are feeling around the world, and as close as in our own homes.

Where have we to turn? How are we to even move forwards, when we feel on the cusp of collapse?

It is in these times I am reminded of Pauls's words in Romans 8, We know that the whole creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth…not only creation – but we ourselves! Paul does not shy away from the reality that Jesus isn’t a pill that excludes us from the hardship of life, or that ‘faith’ somehow might mean that we don’t find things overwhelming, taxing or trying. Rather, it is in the midst of the hardship of life and the suffering we find ourselves in, that the gospel stirs in us a longing for the redemption of our bodies.

It does not surprise me that Paul directly follows this with how the Spirit will intercede for us in our weakness, in our inability, in our helplessness. Would I leave or abandon Jacob or Archer as they cry out in pain and desperation? Nor will our Heavenly Father abandon us.

For He knows what it means to be weak.

Jamie Mackenzie

Assistant Minister


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