I am the good Shepherd

When Gandhi said his famous quote, "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians," why was that? Why was someone like Einstein taken back with the personality of Jesus? It is because he was a leader like no other.

Jesus' declaration "I am the good shepherd" in John 10 is the perfect example of this. The story highlights Jesus mission as one who protects and leads his followers and in the end, lays down his life for them.

It is this selfless leadership that enthralls even opponents of Christianity with the person of Jesus. Einstein also lamented that he wished Jesus hadn't existed because he had seen so many people use the name of Jesus to abuse power. We see this in our world too. But, Jesus warned against the bad shepherds who wanted to lead God's people into armed conflict and doom, and the hired hands who simply abandon their sheep when trouble hits.

When looking for qualities in a leader, we are wise to return to the qualities of Jesus. People will fail, people may lead us astray, but Jesus is always the good shepherd, he is the sacrificial leader who leads his people into eternal life through his sacrifice.

Lachlan Davis

Assistant Minister

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