God with us

Christmas can be a time of great celebration and joy. Still, it can also be a time of great sadness and where the absence of loved ones or broken relationships are greatly felt — a season of mixed emotions. In Luke 2, we see that the first Christmas was no different.

It was one of great celebration and joy! The birth of a child – the birth of the child! The great expected king! And yet there would be no room for Him in the business of peoples lives. He would be born not in marble and cushions, but sour straw and a manger. He would not be welcomed by His people, but by the outsiders and the outcasts.

Christmas is a time when we remember how the God of the Universe became fragile.

Not in a fairy-tale, but history.

And a time where all are invited to come near, regardless of past or place. For we would never expect to find the one who made and holds the stars in the straw of a manger – or hanging on a nail-scarred cross. God does not hold himself absent from the suffering and sin of this world, but instead enters in, becomes God with us.

Jamie Mackenzie

Assistant Minister

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