From Rights to Sacrifice

We live in a time, in a place, in history, where we have more rights, more freedoms, more opportunities than few ever had before. Take a moment to think about that. Take a moment to realise and grow in appreciation of all you have. All of us far to quickly move to think of what we don’t have, that job, that relationship, that youthfulness or mobility – and to quickly forget all the blessings our good father has given us.

Jesus says that our good father denies us not one thing we need, and yet we are also given far more than is necessary, far more than most who came before us. Yet we are not to feel guilty for this but thankful. And that thankfulness is to drive us to us and forego our ‘rights’ and freedoms for the service of others. For we are the recipients of a God who gave up his privilege and freedoms for us. In the gospel, we see a God like no other. A God who would willingly embrace oppression, sorrow, and suffering. That we the guilty might go free.

So let us say with Paul, ‘Though I am free and belong to no one, I have made myself a slave to everyone, to win as many as possible.’

Jamie Mackenzie

Assistant Minister

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