History is filled with people who were convinced that they were in the right; certain they were correct; sure they were wise, and yet with the passing of time they were shown to be fools. None of us like to be seen as foolish. Often, to my embarrassment, it has been the times when I have sought to appear wise, to impress, that I have made the biggest fool of myself.

Paul urges the Corinthians in today’s passage, that following Christ often will look foolish to others – but not to shy away from it. For if we follow a God who embraced weakness as strength, shame as glory, foolishness as wisdom, defeat as victory. That we follow a man who walks towards a Roman cross and says to come after him. Incredibly foolish! What was he thinking! What was he thinking? He was thinking not of the opinion of man, but the opinion of God. For often what seems foolish in the eyes of others – is seen as wise in the eyes of God.

I heard from a man, a minister, who was in quite a bit of trouble over his stance on same sex marriage. He was asked by the reporter, “Aren’t you afraid to be seen as a bigot, intolerant? Aren’t you worried about being on the ‘wrong side of history’?”

His reply was short and sweet, he said, “I am more concerned about being on the wrong side of eternity.”

Jamie Mackenzie

Assistant Minister

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