Every news bulletin begins with an update concerning the Coronavirus. Because we live in a very mobile world, and most of us in crowded cities, the potential for such viruses to spread wide is greater. We don't live in an isolated community here in Dapto! Every day most of us travel far and wide and come in contact with thousands of people.

Through the Archbishop we have been given directives as to how we should care for each other, and especially those who for whom, this is a greater health risk.

  • If you develop flu-like symptoms you should isolate yourself and not attend until you are medically cleared.

  • Because the main way this virus is spread is through touch and breath, we need to minimise opportunities for this to happen.

  • The areas of major concern are how we prepare and share in the Holy Communion and the preparation and distribution of food.

Together with our wardens and medically qualified parishioners, we are making available the procedures we now need to follow. It is here on our web site. Paper copies are available at all services.

We need to be in fervent prayer that the effects of the virus might be restrained. Praying for those who are ill, wisdom for government and health authorities, that God would be gracious to us and limit the numbers who fall ill.

Peter Tasker

Acting Rector

Download this week's Bulletin here.


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