Celebrating God's Work

One of the greatest things about following Jesus is that we don't follow Him alone. However, this is also sometimes one of the things that makes it difficult as well. Over the past number of years, we have had the privilege of serving Jesus, our church and our community alongside Matthew and Amanda Bailey. Both working tirelessly, Matt in children's ministry and Amanda in our schools and youth ministry.

Amanda was raised at DAC, coming through our children's and youth, ministering to her friends and family as she grew in her knowledge and relationship with Jesus. Matt came to our church in his early teens through his friends inviting him to youth and began his faith journey in Year 10. It has been a privilege to journey with them both into adulthood with Jesus as their Lord and saviour.

Today is a day when we stop and give thanks to God for them, for the work He has done through them in our Church and how He has used them to shape us more and more like His Son. It is also a day that we, with mixed emotions, send them to South Wagga Anglican Church under Scott Goode. (Their last Sunday will be the 5th of January).

We feel both sadness at their leaving and joy at sending workers into the harvest. We look forward to the day when there will no longer be any goodbyes, and together, we will stand before our great and glorious Lord and sing praises for endless days.

Jamie Mackenzie

Assistant Minister

Download this week's bulletin here.


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