There are special moments in life where we get to evaluate and step forward. The Church over time has used Lent as a time to recalibrate and prepare the soul for Easter.

Lent is a 40 day period leading up to Easter where believers fast from something in preparation to remember Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Fasting from something can CREATE SPACE in our lives to draw near to God. It can also help in the process of DECOUPLING from unhelpful places we turn to in times of stress. If someone turns to Netflix in times of trouble, fasting from that and using that time to seek God and express trust in God through prayer will be a great blessing.

The aim of fasting is to draw near to God and focus on Him and in that way Lent gives us an opportunity to MAGNIFY God in our lives.

As part of our CORE focus in 2021, we are encouraging and practising Lent. Please take time to reflect and pray about what you could fast from in order to have more time to pray and prepare your soul for Easter.

Rev Jason McPhail

Assistant Minister

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